Acrylic Shelf Riser

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Acrylic Shelf Riser 665mm x 50mm for the front of your product shelving units, ensuring the product stays on the shelf!

Made from 5mm clear acrylic with diamond polished edges and slightly rounded corners.

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Product no. Size Depth Status Price
GT0012.0103 665mm 50mm
£3.16 *
GT0012.0104 800mm 50mm
£4.08 *
GT0012.0105 1000mm 50mm
£4.90 *
GT0012.0106 1250mm 50mm
£5.98 *
GT0012.0111 665mm 95mm
£4.64 *
GT0012.0112 800mm 95mm
£5.92 *
GT0012.0113 1000mm 95mm
£7.06 *
GT0012.0114 1250mm 95mm
£8.76 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery
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