Slatwall Shelf with Lip

(Size: 200mm x 600mm)

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Slatwall Acrylic Shelf with Lip, available in 6 sizes.

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Product no. Size Status Price
GT0010.0198 150mm x 300mm
£5.78 *
GT0010.0200 300mm x 300mm
£7.93 *
GT0010.0201 200mm x 400mm
£7.53 *
GT0010.0202 300mm x 400mm
£9.05 *
GT0010.0204 200mm x 600mm
£9.80 *
GT0010.0205 300mm x 600mm
£11.80 *
GT0010.0198-0007 100mm x 200mm
GT0010.0198-0008 100mm x 250mm
GT0010.0198-0009 250mm x 300mm
GT0010.0198-0010 150mm x 600mm
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