5 Sided Cubes

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5 Sided Display Cubes come in 9 sizes, all with diamond polished edges.

The 75mm to 250mm are made from 3mm Clear Acrylic, 300mm and 350mm are made from 4mm Clear Acrylic and the 400mm and 500mm are made from 5mm Clear Acrylic.

Colours are also available, however, minimum order quantities apply, prices on application.

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Product no. Size Status Price
GT0010.0085 75mm
£7.50 *
GT0010.0086 100mm
£7.95 *
GT0010.0087 150mm
£11.50 *
GT0010.0088 200mm
£14.50 *
GT0010.0090 250mm
£21.50 *
GT0010.0091 300mm
£30.00 *
GT0010.0092 350mm
£55.00 *
GT0010.0093 400mm
£70.00 *
GT0010.0094 500mm
£110.00 *
* Prices plus VAT, plus delivery
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