30x40" 25mm Round Cornered Snap Frames

(Size: 30x40", Colour: Standard Silver)

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Our 30x40" Silver Round Cornered 25mm Snap Frames offer a softer appearance than the mitred version with the chrome coloured corner pieces.

Selection: 25mm Round Cornered Snap Frames

Product no. Size Colour Status Price
GT0001.0013 A5 Standard Silver
£5.30 *
GT0001.0014 A4 Standard Silver
£5.70 *
GT0001.0015 A3 Standard Silver
£7.58 *
GT0001.0016 A2 Standard Silver
£11.46 *
GT0001.0017 A1 Standard Silver
£18.30 *
GT0001.0129 A0 Standard Silver
£34.38 *
GT0001.0130 20x30" Standard Silver
£15.08 *
GT0001.0131 30x40" Standard Silver
£29.42 *
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