Print Holders


Print Holders come in many different shapes and sizes . . .

In acrylic we can offer leaflet dispensers, single and double sided print holders, toblerones which are 3 sided print holders, through to wall mounted print holders and cable pockets for window displays.

Our metal print holders equally are diverse, from the Fastnotes for trapping those quick notes in a clasp to floor standing steel poster holders capable of holding a poster 1.5m high. Whatever your requirement we can help you find your solution even if it's not listed as a standard product. We may be able to manufacture your solution or source a supply through our extensive trade contacts, unfortunately we can't stock everything, but we can source anything!!

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Wall Hanging Poster Holders

from £1.85 *
In stock

Magnetic Photo Blocks

from £8.95 *
In stock

Wall Mounted Leaflet Dispenser

from £2.50 *
In stock

Business Card Dispensers

from £1.20 *
In stock

Multi Pocket Leaflet Dispensers

from £5.50 *
In stock

Poster Snaps

from £3.50 *
In stock

Poster Clamps

from £4.00 *
In stock

Fast Note Print Holder

from £6.68 *
In stock

Door Signs

from £2.40 *
In stock
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